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Don't worry, people who actually still check this community--it's alexi_serenitia on her new account.

I have to apologize for leaving this community to rot. When I left alexi_serenitia, I forgot about the majority of the communities I maintain, including this one. Unfortunately, for the next two years I jumped from journal to journal. Reviving these communities DID cross my mind a lot, but... yeah. I wanted to wait and see if I actually stayed at a journal.

I've been at this account I'm posting with for a year and a half. IT'S TIME REVIVE THINGS, DON'T YOU THINK?!

...yeah, I told you guys I was the lousiest mod in the world. :(

ANYWAY. If any of you have ideas to spark this community back to life (lol pun), feel free to shout them out in a comment! I am ALWAYS open to ideas! Also, I'd love to have another mod on board just in case I flake out again (I'M SO SORRY D: ), so if you're interested, comment here as well!

And just for some discussion: do any of you like this pairing in the manga/second anime? I'm a first anime lover (*dodges projectiles*), so that's where most of my RoyWin love comes from. How do you think the pairing differs from both versions?

I still love Roy x Winry after all these years. I just need to stay motivated and not be the biggest flake in the world. :(

Oh, and here's a community pimping thing--ed_x_utena, another pairing community I'm FINALLY reviving, centering around the Edward Elric and Utena Tenjou (from Shoujo Kakumei/Revolutionary Girl Utena) pairing. So if you like crossover pairings, feel free to join.

Thank you to anyone who reads this, and I am sorry for being the worst mod ever. Please forgive me, and I don't blame anyone for being pissed.
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